Bio Light Therapy

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What is Bio Light Therapy ?

      Scientist has been studying about the power of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy for over 30 years. First used in medical field to treat cancer and other ailment, further research found that

       Bio light therapy could be use in cosmetics applications. NASA’s discovery that red had the ability to enhance cell growth ,thus promoting wound healing left the scientist wonder what other benefits bio LED Light could have for human tissue ;more specifically ; human skin

       Continued research has shown promising result. Bio LED therapy can be used for variety of skin problem

       Including stimulation cell rejuvenation and collagen production. Type of light are determined by different wavelength : red, blue, purple and amber. The color treatment will depend on skin problem and desired result

Bio Light Therapy


         Red light therapy energizes skin cells, which help to promotes collagen and elastin production .By targeting the skin’s surface and dispersing red light over a greater surface area, this therapy help reduce inflammation within the tissue, quickening the healing process. Red light therapy user have reported a noticeable reduction the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.


        Unlike the red therapy, Amber light has shallow penetration. This make the best suited for those that suffer from excess redness, sun damage , and hyperpigmentation, more surface level conditions, known for its soothing effects. Amber light therapy results in reduction of the appearance of dark spots and calms swelling and inflammation.



       Effective for depression, acne ,and sun damage, Blue therapy is used to stimulate the production of oxygen radical to kill bacteria (preventing and reducing acne occurrence) and minimized enlarged oil glands. Subjects treated with this from of therapy report improved skin textured, diminish appearance of sun damage , and reduce skin redness and puffiness .Skin is generally brighter and more radiant.

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