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What is CO2 Laser?

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  • What are moles and flies caused by?
  • What is the cause of the freckles skin tag
  • Treatment of moles, flies and freckles skin tags with co2 laser.
  • Price for removal of moles, flies, and freckles skin tags with co2 laser.
  • Review case for moles, flies, freckles skin tags, good stuff at Diva Clinic.
  • CO2 laser treatment procedure.

What are moles and flies caused by?

การเกิด ไฝ

       Birthmarks and flies are caused by an overgrowth of melanocytes, or pigment cells, on the skin. The mole is a convex blister. The flies are flat surfaces. Most people have moles or flecks on their skin at the birth. But there are many people who may develop symptoms later. which occurs anywhere on the skin Characteristics usually have only one color, such as dark brown, black, and may be round or oval. and can be either flat or convex.

    Moles and flies It is generally not dangerous. But we may need to keep an eye out for symptoms that indicate a malfunction. Chances of getting skin cancer are as follows:

  • The size, color, shape, texture of the mole, or the sudden change in sensation of touch.
  • The same mole has many shades.
  • The edge of the mole is abnormal. An abnormal color appears on the surrounding skin.
  • Abnormal surfaces such as peeling, cracking, oozing, bleeding, open wounds and pain that do not heal on their own, hard bulges.
  • Itches and hurts when you touch it.

If you find that you have the symptoms above, you should consult with a doctor for your further diagnosis.

What is the cause of the freckles skin tag?


        Seborrheic Keratosis is a non-malignant skin tumor. It looks like a blister of various sizes. Light brown to dark brown according to your skin tone. It can be smooth or a convex blister Which is often found in the location where the skin is exposed to sunlight often, such as the face, neck, initially as a small spot. Later, the size will grownup bigger and bigger than until its color becomes clearer.

        Freckles skin tags often make our skin look rough. Your skin not smooth, not clean, look unattractive skin, so if we get rid of the freckles skin tags the skin will look smoother and much smoother.

Treatment of moles, flies and freckles skin tags with CO2 laser.

      CO2 Laser is a laser that produces light with a wavelength of 10,600 nm. It stimulates carbon dioxide to emit energy in the form of light. It can be used to treat various skin problems such as moles, flies, polyps, freckles, stone acne, rice acne, clogged acne and enlarged sebaceous glands.

        The laser treatment which therapy in some people, there are skin problems such as multiple moles, large moles, or a lot of freckles skin tags. It can be shot the laser for first time. The Treatment of skin problems with a CO2 laser is not difficult. and is safe, low chance of scarring which must be under treatment from a medical professional.

Price for the removal of moles, flies, and freckles skin tags with CO2 laser

  • Mole, Flies                  the price starting at 500 baht per 1 point.
  • Freckle skin tags               3,000 bath per 10 points.
  • Freckle skin tags          10 point to above, thinks the price is fixed price.

*The contract price is based depend on the clinic price.

Review Case for moles, flies, freckles skin tags, good stuff at Diva Clinic.

CO2 laser treatment procedure.

  1. After cleaning the face, the doctor will apply an anesthetic to the area where the laser will be treated.  and wait until the anesthetic takes effect and anesthetic will be takes effect around 30-45 minutes, so many people who have questions about tickling the mole out, does it hurt or not, there is no need to worry at all it not hurt.
  2. Then the doctor will shoot a laser in the treated area.  While shooting you will not feel it pain and no blood loss.  The duration of the process depends on the number of pills shoots, For Example., if one mole we will takes the time 5 minutes, if many multiple and all over the face it may take the time about 30 minutes.
  3. After the procedure is done, there will be a small wound. The size is equal to the size of the skin problem before the laser. and then apply drugs to prevent infection
  4. After Finished to do Laser, you can go home and no need to recuperate. and can go work normally.

How to take care of yourself after laser treatment.

  1. After doing the laser in 24-72 for the first hours, it is the time when the wound is not dry, you can Able to open wounds without plastering Avoid exposure to water for a long time. It is recommended to clean the skin with normal saline on the wound and apply a clinical disinfectant twice a day.
  2. You can use skin cream, serum during this period. Do not use creams that work on exfoliating, products with chemical and whitening cream to prevent irritation.
  3. Then the wound will start to dry. Some people will have flakes and some people may not have flakes. But if you wound are scabs, the doctor recommends that please don’t peel off your wound, or scratch, and let your wound scabs come off by themselves.
  4. During the first month, it is the period when the skin is not repaired normally, to avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen SPF50 or higher to help prevent dark spots after laser treatment.
For anyone who reads the information, Not clear for you and if you have a problem you need to consult with a doctor or ask more information, please contact us.

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