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Where is the best place of Pico Laser?

         When deciding to undergo treatment for facial skin problems We have to continue to look at where we should to do Pico Laser because the procedure has to face risks if we don’t choose a good place to do it. Therefore, there should be some considerations for safety. Reduce the risks and dangers that will happen to us. and for the most satisfactory results.

List of contents

• What is the Pico Laser?
• Result after to do Pico Laser treatment.
• How many times does to do Pico Laser have to be done to see the result?
• The place must be of a reliable standard.
• The doctor must have expertise in dermatology.
• Must used a genuine Pico Laser machine.

What is the Pico Laser?

        The Pico Laser is a laser device with a technology called Picosecond that can deliver laser energy at speeds of up to 1 per trillionth of a second. (One-trillionth of a second), at the speed of Picosecond, it has more energy than previous lasers, but does not cause heat to accumulate under the surface by pressure waves, or the absorption of laser light is converted from heat to pressure

        Causing the pigment atoms that are arranged in a densely packed cluster until they can be seen as freckles, black spots dispersed and is absorbed from the body Make the abnormal pigment fade instantly. You can see the results from the first treatment without side effects like conventional laser treatments, you skin will be no pain, no risk and no burns.

       In addition, light energy transmits high-frequency energy to the Demise skin layer or the layer at the collagen level. By spreading throughout the skin, it also causes the creation of elastin and new collagen therefore it not only makes blemishes, freckles, black spots fade away it also helps the skin to be firm, smooth and radiant and Wrinkles are reduced as well.

Result after to do Pico Laser treatment.

       After you do Pico Laser, the you will see that skin problems that can be clearly noticed such as blemishes, freckles will fade, scars, acne holes and wrinkles. restore smoothness Skin that is dull from the sun and pollution will come back to be clear. skin rejuvenation from the stimulation of collagen under the skin make your face look younger to treat problems from deep pigment such as birthmarks, freckles, dark spots, tattoos

        There are no raised scars and less scabs, unlike the conventional laser, which may have blister and scabs for up to a week. Tattoos and birthmark heal faster than before, from a year to only 3-5 months. After the procedure, the skin will be reddish pink, but not more than 1 day, it will be healed. Without scars, skin does not peel, face is not thinner because Pico Laser is not a skin peeling type laser. After that, you were able to live a normal life. You don’t have to stop working or take care of yourself.

How many times does to do Pico Laser have to be done to see the result?

       It depends on what our skin problems are. How severe are the symptoms? Which depends on the doctor’s assessment that we should do how many times, for example, the treatment for shallow freckles or freckles may only be done about 1-2 lasers, which is different from the memorial treatment that requires more than 5 sessions or symptomatic treatment If it gets better and your doctor decides you don’t need laser treatment again, you can stop treatment as well.

Where is the Pico Laser place must be of a reliable standard and believable?

       Requires a license to operate able to open the business properly Licensed from the Ministry of Public Health with form showing photos and details about the practitioner in the clinic. The service should be excellent from before the service until after the procedure. The place must be clean and safe. Medical equipment must be up-to-date and available. including exploring the overall environment There are thorough contact channels that can be contacted easily, quickly and actually make contact

Where is the best place and the doctor must have specific expertise in dermatology?

        A dermatologist who specializes in the use of Pico Laser can be only one who has a certificate of being a medical professional. Check the list of doctors from the Medical Council website. to make a plan to do as appropriate This makes the treatment work on point and safely. The results are satisfactory and harmless.

        Including looking at each the doctor’s case reviews, whatever the results of those who have undergone the Pico Laser look good or not, can be really help to solve the problem? which the review in addition to checking the proficiency in performing the procedure, it also helps to check the credibility of that clinic as well.

Where is the best place to use a genuine Pico Laser Machine?

         The machine is imported from Korea that has passed the Korea FDA (FDA. Korea). Must be certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and when imported into Thailand, it must be certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand. which is imported in Thailand from Omada Technical Co., Ltd. only. What can be confirmed as a genuine machine simply is that the price of Pico Laser must be reasonable. If it’s too expensive, it might not be worth the money. Or too cheap may be assumed to be a counterfeit or received a substandard service.


        Where is the best place of Pico Laser, you need to consider 3 main things: it is done by a doctor who has expertise and experience in using Pico Laser. It must be an authentic Pico Laser machine from Korea and passed the Thai FDA and the United States, and the place where to do Pico Laser is must be Clinic or beauty facility with standard be believable need to checking a lot of information and looking at reviews to be compared in each clinic.

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