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What is Smazz?

         SMAZZ is a lifting tool. It is a face lift without needles. no surgery It is a very safe ultrasound wave. By sending it to destroy tissues in the skin layer causing the skin layer to shrink. similar to suturing on tissue It stimulates the creation of new collagen or create tissue under the skin tighten you will see the results immediately from the first time. No harm for your skin.

What can SMAZZ helping?

        when you getting older as a result, our faces will be sagging skin. This is caused by the stretching of elastin and collagen, resulting in sagging skin, not tightening. SMAZZ is designed to stimulate collagen production under the skin layer. Stimulates tissue regeneration The newly created tissue will be tighter than the old tissue. resulting in firmer skin Pores are better tightened, smooth, clear, gentle, naturally smooth skin. In addition, SMAZZ also helps tighten the fat around the wattle. reduce wrinkles on the neck The results can be seen clearly from the first treatment and SMAZZ still helps prevent sagging skin that may occur in the future as well.


Who is SMAZZ suitable for?

       SMAZZ is suitable for people with sagging skin problems. lack of firmness Those who have few wrinkles under the eyes, cheek grooves are not very deep. People who are afraid of surgery, are afraid of injections, but want to tighten the skin. and those who do not have time to recuperate Need to use the face you can to do it and No wound.

        Doing SMAZZ even if you are only 20 years old can do it. without adverse effects If done at a young age, it can prevent the formation of grooves under the eyes, cheek grooves, corners of the mouth. Because after the age of 20, everyone’s face will begin to sagging skin, Elastin begins to stretch. If you let it keep stretching, your surface will start to sag a lot as well. Therefore, most importantly, we should keep our face firm all the time from a young age.

Which parts can do SMAZZ?

       SMAZZ can shoot many areas where we want to lift the skin. SMAZZ has various nozzles according to the depth of the skin in that area. Each type of nozzle is

  • SMAZZ 13 MM, fat head, fat dissolving shot, fat layer.
  • SMAZZ 1.5 MM shooting head that stimulates collagen around the eyes and forehead.
  • SMAZZ 3 MM launcher aims to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • SMAZZ 4.5 MM firing head shoots the SMASS layer for lifting and tightening.
  1. SMAZZ under the eyes helps to reduce wrinkles under the eyes and around the eyes safely. Makes the skin tighter and smoother.
  2. SMAZZ Cheek Reduction, Cheek Fat Reduction, Sagging Cheek Lift Keep the face frame for Ryo V Chef. Lift the skin to be firmer.  Stimulate the body to produce collagen but if the cheeks are sagging a lot will have to use threading to help.
  3. SMAZZ reduces wattle, suitable for those who have wattle problems.  or double chin Because there is too much fat under the chin or excess fat on the face, SMAZZ is suitable for reducing the wattle caused by sagging skin.  tightens the wattle and stimulates the production of collagen

Advantages of doing SMAZZ

  1. It helping a face lifting. non-surgical no needle needed.
  2. After to do SMAZZ, there is no redness, no bruising.
  3. You can use your daily life as usual after the procedure. no need to recuperate.
  4. Very high safe for your skin Does not damage the outer surface layer.
  5. It can help tighten the face, break down fat and reduce some wrinkles.
  6. Harmless to eyes Therefore, it can highlight the area under the eyes or around the eyes directly.
  7. You can do it often and after doing SMAZZ you can also do other procedures concurrently as well.

Disadvantages of doing SMAZZ

  1. If performed by a non-specialist physician, the results may be unsatisfactory.
  2. If you do with by a non-standard clinic using non-standard equipment May not see the results change after the procedure.
  3. There may be some pain or stiffness in the face. But these symptoms are normal after SMAZZ and will disappear within 1-2 days.

Who is not suitable for doing SMAZZ?

       For those who are not suitable to do SMAZZ, including those who is during pregnancy or during breastfeeding which should consult a medical professional before treatment and SMAZZ is still not suitable for people with vascular disorders or have blood clotting People taking anticoagulants anticoagulant drugs for blood People with impaired immune system disease people infected with the herpes virus and those who have inflammatory acne on the face.

How should prepare before you doing SMAZZ?

  1. Start from searching for information. Choose a standardized clinic and use a medical professional to do it.
  2. Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Should to eat full of 5 nutrients groups because it will help your skin build collagen and new cells as well.
  5. Refrain from applying makeup, refraining from applying foundation, can applying powder or applying other nourishing creams.

What is the procedure for SMAZZ?

  1. Apply an anesthetic by applying it for about 30 minutes or more to help reduce pain.
  2. Apply gel medium to help shoot SMAZZ deep into the inner skin layer.
  3. A medical professional uses a suitable head of SMAZZ to shoot it under the skin layer. in the area where the patient has a problem or around the cheek, wattle, sagging, using the total time of shooting SMAZZ 30 – 50 minutes.

After doing SMAZZ, did you see the results immediately or not?

        SMAZZ is a tool used to lift and tighten sagging skin.  You will see results for the first time as soon as you do it.  After doing it, about 20% will start to see results that the skin is lifted up.  After that, the results will be evident within 1-2 months and the full results will be seen within 3-4 months. And if you want to tighten the skin again, you can do SMAZZ more in every 3 months.

After doing SMAZZ, how should take care of myself?

  1. You can apply nourishing cream as usual and should apply sunscreen with high SPF.
  2. If there is skin tightness can take painkiller medicine.
  3. Avoid going out under the sun for about 1 -2 weeks in order to restore collagen under the skin layer.
  4. To restore collagen under the skin layer.
  5. Do not massage/treatment or rub your face vigorously.
  6. Do not smoke or drink alcohol because it destroys collagen under the skin layer.

       Doing SMAZZ will help lift and tighten the skin make skin clearer and look younger, the most importantly it is very safe and does not damage the epidermis of skin, making SMAZZ very popular.  because there is no need to recuperate no needle to use needed and does not require surgery However, the results of doing it depend partly on taking care of yourself.  Most importantly, SMAZZ must be performed by a standardized clinic.  done by a medical professional Therefore, it is very important that we choose a reliable clinic.  and using SMAZZ tools that meet international standards.

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